Hi!  We are Rachel and Rob Johnson, the founders of Building Bridges.  We are married partners with four wonderful young children and a love for early childhood education!

After Rachel obtained her Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Penn State, we decided to open our own school to provide high quality early education to children in the State College area!  In 2011 we opened our first school, Step by Step, and then a second location in 2018.  Since then, we have seen hundreds of children thrive and grow through their experiences with early education.  We have loved what we do and we feel extremely fortunate to be given so many blessings and opportunities.

And now we are excited to embark on a new adventure!  Our newest school, Building Bridges, is a cozier facility with smaller class sizes to accommodate the diverse needs and abilities of all children.  Building Bridges has been designed to provide a comfortable learning environment that appreciates diversity and is welcoming to all.  This environment is intended to foster connections…“building bridges” between the home and school, the school and the community, and all of the many individuals and groups working together to help each child thrive.

With a variety of quality early education options available, we hope that each family may be able to find the best setting to fit the unique needs of their child and family.  We hope Building Bridges continues our quest to help fill the varying needs of our amazing and growing community!